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One of the best decisions you can make is to make sure that you make a conscious effort to achieve optimal health and happiness. It would be best if you did this by preventing the onset of sickness early enough. That's where our West Los Angeles cupping therapy service comes in handy. Cupping therapy is one of the most viable and sustainable chiropractic services you should consider due to its immense benefits.
West Los Angeles cupping therapy

What is cupping therapy?

Cupping therapy is the creation of a suction force to pull blood into the skin. It is categorized as traditional and complementary medicine, and the World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledges it. Cupping therapy (also known just as cupping) has very few side effects, if any.

Cupping is not a new phenomenon. The Ebers Papyrus, the Egyptian medical book, recommends cupping for fever, poor appetite, and pain. In Chinese tradition, Ge Hong uses the technique in his healing practices. In Ancient Greece, Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, recommended cupping for ailments such as angina

Benefits of our cupping therapy treatment in West Los Angeles

Cupping therapy provides an excellent release for certain conditions making it the treatment of choice for many athletes, firefighters, people with sedentary desk jobs, students, and elderly patients.This method has achieved outstanding results for various illnesses such as whiplash, migraine headaches, chronic muscle and skeletal pain, "frozen shoulder," carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, sleep problems, and stress. Consequently, cupping treatment is a method that achieves excellent results without the use of more invasive treatments. One reason for this is that all the bodily systems are involved in the treatment process. Recovery only occurs by stimulating the body's internal resources.There is a strong correlation between the health of the skin and the overall health of a human being. Cupping therapy helps enhance blood flow and improves the supply of nutrients to the body, thus keeping it healthy. In connection to this, cupping therapy can help in getting rid of skin diseases such as acne.Cupping therapy has been used for the treatment of various lung disorders. These include coughs, asthma, and bronchial congestion.Cupping therapy brings relaxation. Cupping is a variety of massage, and therefore, it relaxes the body's muscles. With this benefit, it is not uncommon to find individuals seeking cupping therapy often.Other benefits of cupping therapy include:
  • Digestion improvement
  • Managing stress and depression
  • Helping in reducing insomnia
  • Better response to diabetes
  • Assisting in the control of high blood pressure
cupping therapy marks

Cupping therapy marks

A cupping therapy session could lead to red circular marks, otherwise known as cupping therapy marks. These marks are the result of trauma, as capillaries break in the area of injury. The cupping mark can last from hours to a few days, and they do not hurt. Cupping marks are an indication of dampness accumulation, toxic accumulation, and Qi stagnation in your body.

Why you should choose our West LA cupping therapy

The health and wellness market is saturated. Finding the right provider, however, is not an easy task. We present our cupping therapy treatment to you, offering professional cupping therapy and other health and wellness services in West Los Angeles.

Dr. Summer Shanfar D.C. will guide your cupping therapy treatment. Dr. Shanfar has been working in the industry for over 20 years, and therefore, she brings a wealth of experience in cupping therapy. She is one of the few chiropractors who have practiced both in the United States and Europe.

Dr. Shanfar has been trained in Norway by the founder of the Vitageo (geometry of life) cupping method, Russian Dr. Mikhail Bazanov, M.D.

Dr. Bazanov created this unique treatment technique based on the mathematical method of projective geometry, which explains the connection between various areas on the body's surface and the internal organs. The body's surface, i.e., the skin, reflects the degree of health of the internal body. Good blood circulation and the flow of neurological information inside the body are fundamental to good health. Dr. Shanfar addresses this by combining chiropractic adjustments, which free up nerve roots at the spinal level, release the flow of neurological information, and cupping therapy, which improves blood flow. These treatments combined have an excellent effect in stimulating the body's own ability to heal itself.

We have invested in the right cupping resources to offer you an optimal effect. For example, instead of using fire in the cupping therapy, we use rubber pumps. Similarly, we do use silicone cups to achieve a better massage experience.

Thanks to our professionalism and expertise, we ensure that the services we offer are safe. Therefore, we avoid cases where cupping therapy will lead to burns, headaches, fatigue, and nausea.

We offer competitive and transparent prices with no hidden fees.

We understand the importance of licenses and certification when it comes to any form of treatment. These are requirements that we have faithfully followed in all the years of our operation. You should never seek cupping services from a provider who is not licensed.

Should you need cupping services, contact us right away. We are going to assist you in the best way possible.

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  • "Dr. Shanfar is truly one of those people who is genuinely concerned about her patients' well being and overall health."
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  • "I find Dr. Shanfar's treatment style very refreshing such that she listens to the needs of the patient, and tries to heal me from within,.."
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    Celine W.
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  • "I'm noticing a huge shift in my body and I am grateful for Dr. Shanfar's technique. She's a blessing."
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    Fee K.
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  • "Dr. Shanfar is very effective. I was suffering from neck, shoulder, shoulder blade, knees and lower back pain from a car collision."
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    Kenny M.
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  • Summer has helped me with my hip, knee, shoulders and back since my motorcycle accident. She does a good job and has helped me a lot which is why I keep going back to her!
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