Posture Correction in West Los Angeles

posture correction in West Los Angeles

Posture correction chiropractor

Most people decide to visit a posture correction chiropractor when told they need to have spine surgery. Mainly because of back pain or sciatica. But in reality, the benefits of getting regular check-ups extend far beyond non-surgical care for various conditions, especially when it comes down to posture correction in West LA.

Due to its closeness to the Ocean, West Los Angeles' weather is fantastic all year round. And recreational options are endless here as well. But you still have to deal with traffic congestion and other types of nuisances that put a lot of stress on your body and mind. Every resident in West LA deserves to feel good and live a pain-free life. But not everyone realizes that meeting such a simple standard may begin with taking care of your posture.

Causes of poor posture

Spinal misalignment, which lead to back pain, might depend on bad habits—for example, developing a slouch from checking your smartphone all the time. Or when you bend your spine in an unnatural position. In this case, the curvature gets exaggerated. Also, your upper body exerts extra weight on the rest of the muscles and joints.

Sometimes, the body deviates from the ideal standards of good posture because of genetics. For instance, the size and shape of your bones may influence your overall posture. But the bones alone are not the only causes that determine how you can hold your body. Often, there are muscle weakness and imbalances. And this is what a posture correction chiropractor assesses first.

Improve your posture with chiropractic care

A standard visit for posture correction in our West LA office may involve adjustments and different treatments. Plus, some testing and specialist consultation. Health Station LA's posture correction chiropractor starts by looking into the patient's medical history. Then, the explanation of the chiropractic treatment follows.

Lessening the load on your discs may require more than a session. But pain relief is instantaneous. If you have herniated discs and other conditions like radiculopathy or sciatica, the goal of adjusting the spine is to allow the discs to heal up over time. So, the chiropractor may work on side joints first. Or open up the ribs and shoulders. Every phase progresses as long as the patient is comfortable.

Getting your posture checked

Have you underestimated the effect of the increased load of weight and tension on your neck and shoulders? Thanks to the advancement of technology and the increased use of our handheld devices, we are all more prone to develop poor posture. But the main reason why you should request an evaluation for posture correction is to enjoy what life and this city have to offer fully.

As you focus on your career and personal goals, you might not notice how poor posture affects your mood and happiness. But when you align yourself for good health, you also take care of your mind. The change happens at a neurochemical level through the release of serotonin. Plus, you feel more confident and, at the same time, prevent getting injured.

Optimal Posture, Optimal Function

Please make an appointment today and find out how our posture correction chiropractic treatment can help you. Contact us to learn more about personalized chiropractic treatments for posture correction in West Los Angeles.

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