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Seeking a soothing back pain treatment in West Los Angeles can quickly turn into another form of torment. Here at Health Station LA, we provide complete information about our services. Dr. Summer Shanfar D.C. has been retraining patients' spines for more than 20 years. On top of that, she does not just adjust your spine but focuses on retraining your muscles as well. Dr. Shanfar is a trained back pain specialist who can examine and diagnose the cause of the problem. When necessary, she involves medical doctors, surgeons, and other health care professionals to ensure optimal results.

Chiropractic treatments for low back pain in West Los Angeles

low back pain West Los AngelesAdjustments are not always the best solution for lower back pain. But at our West LA office, we make sure that each patient gets the appropriate low back pain treatment. Tissue work and corrective exercise are helpful alternative solutions too. In most cases, adjustments are a safe way to restore body movement. The goal is to get the patient's back to work better. First, the chiropractor finds restrictions in the patient's body through palpation. The patient then changes position in a comfortable and secure pose to address any tenderness or stiffness. Tissue work can include massage, pinning and stretching, or cupping. In brief, it is the use of several techniques to manipulate soft tissue. As a result, the patient feels relief because the chiropractor stretches and massages the vertebral muscles. Or the surrounding muscle groups that may cause the low back pain.

Fixing middle back pain in West Los Angeles

middle back pain West Los AngelesMiddle back pain can be the result of lifting weights the wrong way. Often, mid-back pain involves the nervous system. For example, pain can turn into numbness in other parts of the body as well. So, the chiropractor needs to target any muscle knots, spasms, and trigger points in the upper and middle back. Sometimes, mid-back pain can last for decades, as in the case of old injuries. The treatment may last more than one day to assess the final results. But your body is smart enough to get to balance right away, so improvements are usually instantaneous. Most patients also get back to sleeping through the night after their middle back pain treatment in West LA. In the morning, no sharp pain appears anymore. And if some pain surfaces, it is usually a minor issue the chiropractor can fix in the following appointment.

Upper back chiropractic adjustment in West LA

upper back pain West Los AngelesUpper thoracic pain can include cervical and ribcage pain. Plus, it may not come with any numbness, tingling, or radiating pain. For this reason, Dr. Shanfar may suggest an orthopedic and neurological examination. After all, the first step of any back pain treatment in West Los Angeles is finding out what is inside the patient's body. Most of the time, the way one sleeps determines some neck problems. The physical and emotional stress of constantly checking your phone is also another common reason for spine deviations. So, the chiropractor usually adjusts the clavicles and ribs with this type of treatment. Breathing improves as the patient learns more about their bad habits and how to prevent further damage. Athletes may develop upper back pain because of repetitive hits. So, a spinal decompression technique may be a natural way to avoid taking painkillers and fixing the problem's root cause. There are multiple ways to deal with pinched nerves too.

Providing back pain treatment in Los Angeles for over two decades

Dr. Summer Shanfar D.C. has extensive experience treating upper, middle, and lower back pain. Above all, she does not only administer therapies but educates patients to prevent future problems. Much attention goes to the entire complex of nerves, muscles, and joints that contribute to good health. We don't offer any chiropractic treatment without thorough examination. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your needs and concerns. Dr. Shanfar will offer you tailored care to meet your lifestyle and goals. Whether you are going through injury rehabilitation or want to restore health, we are dedicated to answering all your questions and getting you to move and live pain-free.

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