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Get to know one of the best car accident chiropractors West Los Angeles has, Dr. Summer Shanfar. With over 20 years of experience in chiropractic treatment for car accidents, Dr. Shanfar has plenty of success stories to share.

west los angeles Car Accident Chiropractor

Dealing Safely with a Car Accident Aftermath

Most car accident victims end up developing a bad headache and physical issues a few days after a crash or collision. Even when the injuries seem small at first, this happens because the initial shock causes the release of adrenaline in the body, which numbs the pain. For reference, one can get t-boned, feel fine, and later find out about serious injuries only after a medical check-up.

Whiplash injury is often an exception where pain manifests itself right after the car accident. In this case, chiropractic care helps you recover and alleviate pain from day one. You can make an appointment to see Dr. Shanfar at Health Station LA and get your body moving and feeling good right away. Of course, Dr. Shanfar will perform a function test and review relevant medical history to suggest the best course of action.

West Los Angeles Chiropractic Care For Car Accident Injuries

Anyone who has never been to an auto injury chiropractor is usually scared. After all, it is hard to imagine what a life-changing experience chiropractic care is. So, here is a brief description of what chiropractic care looks and feels like Our car accident chiropractor in West Los Angeles deals with numerous types of pain. Generally speaking, most car accident victims report:

Getting adjusted is all about relaxation. As any professional can inform you, chiropractic includes a set of diverse techniques. It may involve decompression, manipulation, tools, and education on self-care strategies and healthy habits. Different motor vehicle accidents need fitting treatment plans designed to control the pain and restore the full range of motion of the affected areas and joints. Indeed, Dr. Shanfar always takes time to illustrate viable solutions to every issue and explain preventative measures that car accident victims can integrate to improve their quality of life.

What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a problem that occurs after a car accident and can last for years. One can still be in agony three years later. But the good news is that our West Los Angeles auto injury chiropractor can help alleviate even chronic pain.

Whenever you experience a quick motion in your neck, you can damage your ligaments and tendons. We call the kind of ligament damage that occurs after a car accident whiplash. In almost every case, abnormal motion and instability are the key factors. But neck strain often goes undiagnosed because you need a digital motion x-ray to detect it.

The Hidden Dangers of Whiplash

Most people do not arrange for a check-up where they assess for instability. Instead, they may go through physical therapy and get some short-term stability. But then two or three years go by, and they are still hurting.

In the meantime, abnormal wear and tear that followed for so long often result in disc herniation. After a herniated disc, many people resort to surgery, which can end up causing another mobility issue, especially when you fuse two bones or separate them because now there is no mobility at all.

A chiropractic treatment for whiplash may save your health and money if you act fast. For the best results, call our car accident chiropractor in West Los Angeles for a spinal check-up.

The Chiropractic Treatment Approach for Whiplash

Recovery from whiplash can take days, months, or years. So, it is critical to assess the issue as soon as possible. A physical examination will test the range of motion of the neck and spine first. Dr. Shanfar cooperates with other specialty doctors to exclude any possible neurological injury as well. Victims’ X-rays may show degenerative changes that cause limitations in neck or body movement. But a professional also needs to consider stress and other factors. So, general motion palpation follows to feel for the different neck segments. From there, thanks to one or more techniques, Dr. Shanfar will improve the motion of the affected segments. Pain relief is often instantaneous. Plus, it gets better with every session. For clarity, the number of sessions depends on the type of injury.

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What Our Patients Say

  • Summer has helped me with my hip, knee, shoulders and back since my motorcycle accident. She does a good job and has helped me a lot which is why I keep going back to her!

  • My mobility, range of motion and energy levels have increased dramatically. Dr Summers treatments have far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend!

  • Unique true holistic medicine practice, with a focus on chiropractics. Great experience, privacy, true healing with a variety of methods which are varied according to pain area. Dr Summer really cares which is a rare gem for LA. Real healings!

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