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West Los Angeles Chiropractic Treatment

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West Los Angeles chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic Treatment in West L.A.

Chiropractic is a holistic method of healing in which the health practitioner utilizes the power of touch to awaken and stimulate the body’s inherent healing ability that has become blocked. This requires the utilization of the power of the nervous system. Almost all of the bodies functions are controlled by the nervous system which is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and the nerves. These structures are housed in the cranium (skull) and the spinal column. The spinal column can be likened to the seed of a fruit. All the information that makes a plant grow and develop to create a healthy fruit comes from the seed that is usually made up of a softer smooth material and is normally protected by a harder shell. So is the spinal cord housed in a hard protective bony shell called the spine. Maintaining the health of the spine is crucial to the health of the body. Keeping its parts moving uninterruptedly within their normal ranges of motion is vital to the clarity of the communication that occurs in the busy highways of the nerve paths running through, in and out of the spine connecting the body with the brain. When in a state of harmony and health there is vibrancy, but when the state of harmony becomes interrupted so does the health of the individual.


A chiropractor’s focus and intention is to keep the spine aka power house of the body, healthy and mobile so harmony can be created by the bodies own healing intelligence that flows through the nervous system to the rest of the body.


One of the many causes of neck pain and back pain is stiffness and lack of mobility in the spine creating tension in the muscles and pressure on the paths of nerves that carry life giving information and energy from the brain to the body. A chiropractor can relieve these pressures by delivering a chiropractic adjustment.


Regular chiropractic care can prevent misalignments is the neck, mid back, low back, pelvis, knees, feet, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands.


Dr. Shanfar, D.C. conducts a thorough spinal examination after taking a detailed history of the health, life style, and physical symptoms relating to an individuals pain or injury before recommending the most suitable treatment for each of the patients specific conditions.


Chiropractic is mostly known as a highly affective method of treating neck and back pain. But did you know that Doctors of Chiropractic are highly educated specialists, trained to treat many conditions such as disc bulges and disc herniations, shoulder impingement syndromes, tennis and golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, sprained ankles, knee pain, Head aches, migraine head aches, tension head aches, sinus head aches Asthma, pelvic pain, pelvic pain from pregnancy; pre and post birth physical pain. lumbago, sciatica, cervicalgia, whiplash, tendinitis. Injuries caused by car accidents as well as sport’s injuries, neck pain from texting, Stress pain. piriformis and psoas tightness, hand and foot pain, pain in the fingers and toes. TMJ problems. Facial pains from grinding the teeth or clenching the jaw can also be helped by a chiropractor.


Chiropractic is a pro wellness treatment. It has also been proven to be a good preventative treatment recommended during pregnancy and post childbirth. Pregnancy can cause pain in the low back, neck, pelvis, and hips. Chiropractic treatment can help to prevent and reduce the pain associated with pregnancy.


Chiropractic treatment is also recommended highly for newborns in most European countries such as Norway and Germany. Passing through the narrow birth canal can be a traumatizing experience for the infant. Chiropractic can help correct the misalignments created during the birthing process.

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What should I expect from my first consult?

During the initial consult Dr. Shanfar makes a thorough examination of the joints and muscles and the nervous system. She will examine the functional capacity and mobility of the spine and other joints. This allows Dr. Shanfar to find the stuck joints or tight muscles that may be related to the patient’s complaints and symptoms. The Doctor performs the function test by looking at patterns of movement and feeling the patient’s muscles and joints. In addition to obtaining the relevant medical history of the current problem.


As an educator Dr. Shanfar also takes time to educate you on the causes of your pain and teaches you preventative measures to help protect your neck and back. This is done by teaching you how to become self aware of your posture while sitting at work or home and how to take steps to create an ergonomically correct work and home environment on your own in order to protect the health of your neck and back. As a well versed Yoga practitioner she teaches simple and gentle yoga techniques and exercises that help to undo the daily stresses put on our body by sedentary desk jobs or excessive activity during the day.


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The science of chiropractic

To understand what a chiropractor does we must first understand how the human body functions and how disease is created.


The human body is made of cells, which come together to from tissues. Different types of tissues can come together to creates different organs. the collaboration of the function of different organs in the body create the body systems, like the circulatory systems, cardio vascular system, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, endocrine system. The harmonious functioning of all the body systems and organs create a healthy human body.


The coordination of the function of these system for maintaining the optimum health of a human organism is controlled by the nervous system making the brain the master organ in the body. much like a symphony conductor who controls and helps create harmony of the sounds created by different musical instruments which in the hands of a master conductor can create a masterpiece. So is the human body a masterpiece collected of different organs whose functions are harmonized and timed and controlled by the nervous system without the individual ever being aware of all the microscopic steps necessary to bring this perfect symphony about. If the harmonious function and cooperation and coordination of all the body parts had a sounds it would be called health.


The method this conduction takes place is by paths of communication called nerves that exist between the brain and all body parts. Making the spinal column the grand highway of the nervous system for housing the spinal cord in which the nerves travel through and can exit and enter at various levels or segments along the spinal column called vertebrae. So at each level exists an opening allowing the nerves to exit and enter called intervertebral foramen(opening). They function very similar to freeway on and off ramps, so are the problems that can occur. Since the vertebrae can move, they can rotate and slide slightly one on top of another to enable you to bend forward and back or to turn your neck or torso to the left or right. They are also capable of sliding back in place and held there through the help of muscles tendons and ligaments. However the information that makes them perform these functions come from the nerves and the brain. If over stressed through external or internal stressors such as mental and emotional reason or external physiological causes tension can occur forcing the vertebrae to move slightly beyond its physiological range of motion and become stuck there. This is called a subluxation.


When a subluxation occurs it can narrow the diameter of the intervertebral foramen and therefore possibly placing various degrees of pressure on the nerve root exiting or entering at that level, which as a result can possibly interfere with the function of that nerve that could be supplying information to an organ or vice versa from an organ to the brain. causing interruption in the function of that organ and therefore disrupting the harmonious function of the body parts and therefor disruption in the health of that human body. In the absence of health grows disease. Many believe this disruption (lack of communication between the body and the nervous system which embodies the bodies innate intelligence to be the beginning and source and cause of disease)


The function of a chiropractor is to help the body to re-establish that connection again by clearing the subluxation through touch and delivering a chiropractic adjustment. Kind of like clearing up the freeway on and off ramps to allow the backed up traffic to have a smooth flow again. Smooth flow of information between body parts is what creates that harmonious

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