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Nutritional Consultation

nutritional consultation in West Los Angeles

Nutritional Consultation in West L.A.

Nutritional Medicine is a science mostly practiced by Holistic doctors: Chiropractors, Naturopathic, as well as Medical and Osteopathic physicians who received additional and specialized training in the area. Although the importance of proper nutrition has been understood by physicians for centuries, its importance and necessity for proper functioning of the body, brain, and the nervous system has been studied, researched and perfected to a much greater degree only in the last century.


The science of nutrition continues to evolve and grow. Never in the human history have our specie had better access to a more variety of foods and nutrients as we do today. Eating more variety of different foods can mean more nutrient rich meals. This also depends on the quality of the food ingredients. Different foods including fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, grains, legumes and meats. They carry with them different vitamins, enzymes, oils, amino acids, anti oxidants, and minerals., which are the building blocks of the the bodies essential molecules.


Since we as humans are part of nature our body’s needs change with nature, weather, seasons, time of day. This implies that the ingredients in our meals should also change to meet the needs of our bodies accordingly. Living in cities for generations has disconnected us from nature to a degree. Many of us now have the option of consuming summer fruits in winter for example but is that what the body needs?


One of the biggest dilemmas of the late 20th and 21st centuries have been that although we have enough food to eat we are not meeting our bodies nutritional needs. More is not always better. It is very crucial to our health to find out what our bodies are lacking and consciously consuming enough of it at the right dosage. For this we need the help of a healthcare practitioner.


The combination of ingredients in your meals is also important. With the wrong combination you can overload and confuse the body’s digestive system , however the right combination at the right amount can be properly digested and absorbed.


Chewing correctly is another important part of consumption. So is the knowledge of liquid intake with, before or after a meal!


Blood tests can provide a more reliable picture of our health which can be utilized by a practitioner for recommending the proper nutritional supplements and dietary intake.


The right foods and nutritional supplements can provide the proper amount of high quality dose of the essential nutrients which might be lacking from your diet.

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